10 in 1 Multifunction Steamer

Enjoy the easiest way to steam cook variety of baby menu such as porridge, rice, soup, or casserole by using BabySafe Steamer. Cooking through steaming, allows food to tender yet retain most of the nutrients.


1. Cook

Cook any kinds of food (except for frying)


6. Egg Boiled

Boil egg

2. Soup

Cook soup


7. Milk Warm

Warm milk

3. Steam Rice

Cook steam rice


8. Food Warm

Warm Food

4. Porridge

Cook porridge


9. Keep Warm

Keep milk and food warm

5. Mince Meat

Cook mince meat


10. Steril

Steril bottle and its accessories




  • Food Grade Packaging
  • Bisphenol-A Free
  • Certified by European Safety Standard

Smart Digital Control

  • Automatically operated machine
  • Customize by user preference

Auto On

  • Automatic timer
For example : Auto On Set 02:00
(Machine will start working automatically in the two hours)


  • One-year guarantee from the date of purchase


1.    Pour drinking water into the base. 
2.    Put accessory according to the selected menu.


3.    Press the botton multiple times in quick succession to get desirable menu. The arrow will point at the menu bar options. 

4.    Select :

  • Customized Setting : At step three, press HOUR or MINUTE.
  • Auto On : At step three, press AUTO ON (indicator light will turn on), then press HOUR or MINUTE to set when the machine will start working (indicator light will start flashing). At the end of the light flashes series, the indicator light will keep turn on without flashing to indicate the machine begins to process.
  • Press STOP to cancel or terminate the running proses.